Frequently Asked Questions


we are only human, and try out best! Remember, you are our purchasing from a mom and pop small shop :)

We love what we do and we love creating magic for you! We take our time and hand craft all of your pieces. That being said if you absolutely cannot wait for this to be hand crafted, please do not purchase. Small shopping may not be for you.

Q - I have an issue/question with my order 

- Email with any issues or questions regarding your order. Please allow up to 48-72 hours (business days) for a reply. Please do not reply to your email if you have not received a response. This will further delay a response. 


Q - What's your turnaround time? 

A - All of our items are handmade to order. With this in mind, you can expect for your items to ship in 4 weeks-6 weeks (business day)  during high volume times for instance if you purchased during a launch please allow up for 5-7 weeks. Turnaround times are subject to change (weather, COVID-19 delays, increase order volume, etc.) Rings: up to 4-6 weeks.  Your order will be shipped before or during our standard turnaround time. 


Q - Standard Shipping (no insurance) vs Priority Shipping (+Insurance)

A -  We are now offering two options for shipping domestic: Standard (no insurance) and Priority (+Insurance.) Our Standard shipping (no insurance) offers a standard shipping time and if a package is lost or damaged in transit there is nothing we will be able to do in regards to your item. Our Priority shipping (+Insurance) offers a faster shipping time as well as shipping insurance. This means if your item is lost or damaged in transit we will be able to replace your item for you. 


Q - When is an item restocking? 

A - We offer restock notifications for every product. Sign up for a restock notification on our product pages for instant notification when the product is restocked. We also talk about restocks on our instagram page. 


Q - I ordered during a "Preorder" when will it arrive? 

A - Preorder items will be shipped up to 5-7 weeks of initial purchase unless posted otherwise. 


Q - Can I get my jewelry wet?

A  - Our jewelry is made of a combination of gold-fill & gold-plated materials. Gold-fill items that DO NOT have a pendant containing enamel (our plated jewelry) can withstand untreated water. For exmaple: Lake water, tap water or water that does not contain chlorine or other chemicals. 

Gold-plated items (our necklace pendants) are not water resistant & can fade under distress. Please take extra precaution with plated items. 


- Do you ever have sales?

- Yes! Several times throughout the year. Be sure to follow our instagram (@joandcogoods) to be up to date on our sales! 


Q - I forgot to put a discount code at checkout, can you add it to my order? 

A -  Due to high order volume and high customer service requests, we cannot edit discount codes/coupons after an order has been placed. 


Q -  Can I return/exchange/refund/cancel my order?

A - All of our Jewelry pieces are made to order, so we cannot accept returns/exchanges or refund orders . Verify your order & shipping times before checkout completion. Orders can be canceled within 24 hours of purchase. Contact us within 7 business days if your item arrives defective. 


- My package is missing? 

- All orders with standard/priority shipping contain tracking numbers. Please use this information to follow up with your local post office. Our standard shipping does not have insurance, while our Priority shipping does. After it leaves our studio, it is out of our hands. 


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